Kristen - 18 - FL I don't march spirit.

Can we just not have percussion people on the next guard bus. So over this already.

I hate you.

I fucking hate you so much.

I’m such a jealous little bitch I hate myself lol


Did you know Gravity is just a theory?
So if it’s disproven what exactly is holding us down?
Is it our love for one another? Or maybe even the hatred we refuse to admit we have towards some? Is it our hopes? Our fears? Our anxieties, our aspirations?
Could it be invisible tiny monkeys with tiny weights standing on our heads? Or maybe we’re tied to the earth with invisible strings that go on forever and ever?
Maybe it’s some God, or even a few, deciding to hold us down with their omnipresent hands?
Or is it really something that can simply be explained with modern science?

I guess we can’t know, at least, that’s just my theory.

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When your Bath & Body Works store tells you they have three wick Winter Candy Apple and Frosted Gingerbread candles so you drive all the way to Appleton and they only have 4 oz candles



i’ve never met nicki minaj but i trust her